Let’s Care CoS

The CoS is the backbone of the project and its implementation in educational environments will actively contribute to providing data and co-construct a wider view and narratives for the design and implementation of the project’s activities.

LET´S CARE Community of Schools (CoS) will be formed in 2 main phases. Initially, CoS will be composed of 3 schools from the fieldwork countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Lithuania). That is called “the seed of the LET´S CARE CoS”.

In a second phase, the CoS will be expanded to 120 members (at least 20 schools per country, considering the 6 States previously mentioned). By the year 2028, the involvement of schools from other countries in the community of interest could be expected through collaboration with other community networks that share CoS values (e.g. “Nobody Less”1)

To be fully formed in Oct 2024