Project Resources

All public project resources are available here.

D1.1 Structure and members of the Drifing Group, Community of Schools and National Coordinators’ Board

Report describing the structure and members of

1) DG: composed of 16 members (1/partner) will virtually convene each 4-6 months to provide strategic inputs for all project activities.
2) CoS: 6 local/national school communities, totalling 18 schools, will be the seed of the LETS CARE CoS.
3) NCB: National Coordinators’ Board or NCB will be created with 2 coordinators per country.

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D1.5 LET’S CARE Hub Platform

Design and conceptualization of the LET´S CARE Hub, which is a digital communication- and content management platform for project partners and project stakeholders.

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D1.8 Gender and Diversity Guidance Report

Document that provides the information and tools needed to guarantee a gender and diversity inclusive perspective along the research

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D6.7 Policy Scoping Report

Policy scoping report to guide the development of policy recommendations and strategies for the prevention of early school leaving based on teacher-student attachment-based education model that will be developed by LET´S CARE, to facilitate early discussions with policy makers.

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D7.2 Risk Management and Contingency Monitoring Plan

Document that

a) identifies risks that may arise during the project
b) evaluates causes and effects of the identified risks
c) defines alternative implementation pathways
d) manages alternative implementation pathways

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D7.9 Data Management Plan

Produced by the Data management Board (DMB) summarises how the data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction will be handled during the project execution.

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