Questions and answers section – a place where the most important information is collected, where questions and explanations of any ambiguities related to a given topic may arise (meaning of key terms, elements building a sense of bond, sense of security or other key issues for the project). The information posted may provide website visitors with basic knowledge in a given area, inquiries may concern participation in events, use of resources, partners, beneficiaries, etc.

A Q&A is an effective form of presenting important information. The reader easily takes the perspective of the questioner and quickly dispels her/his doubts after reading the needed answer. Often Q&A is in the form of a drop-down list, which means that only the content that the user needs can be displayed. This is a great help compared to traditional text blocks, where the excess of information makes it difficult to find the desired ones. The Q&A tool not only presents messages concisely and precisely, but also organizes them.

Thanks to this, everyone can find what they are looking for.