The Let’s Care Project involves different networks of key stakeholders and communities. 

  • Driving Group (DG)
    a body made up of one representative from each project partner to dynamize all the project’s tasks. This body acts as a bridge, linking the consortium’s vision with other communities involved in the project.
  • National Coordinators’ Board (NCB)
    a stable contact point with the schools and gatekeepers for the engagement of other members to the network. Their functions are supporting and helping the coordination of research and the community activities with the schools. The NCB is made up of 2 coordinators per country (1 school representative and 1 fieldwork partner) to ensure effective collaboration and successful project implementation.
  • Community of Schools (CoS)
    a real and virtual network in which the principles of the Safe Education approach are transmitted, implemented, and validated. The CoS network is European-wide and involves teachers and educators that collaborate, exchange ideas, and support each other in implementing the principles of Safe Education.
  • Let’s Care Network of Stakeholders
    a group of experts and other relevant actors in the education field that collaborate with the project. The stakeholders’ role is to actively participate in the network, sharing their expertise, insights, and experiences to ensure a bottom-up approach that reflects the diverse educational realities.