A School of Cultural Immigration and Social Emigration

A school as a model of a society that respects children because it is aware of the future of civilization. The service of the school and its teachers creates a conscious society, as a set of values ​​for the common good. It is here that Don Milani’s Barbiana workshop school was born, with its openness to the world, to culture and to constructive commitment.

Montessori and Robotics

As part of the European project Horizon Europe Let's Care, the network of permanent schools European Knowledge Hub - IC Bosco Chiesanuova offers a series of meetings with the trainer Sara Salardi on the theme "Montessori and Robotics:".

Europole NEWS It outlines the contents and the aims of a series of free online meetings based on the theme of inclusivity in schools and making…

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MODEL DEVELOPMENT MODEL ASSESSMENT AND REFINEMENT 3 Systematic Literature Reviews Safe education database of educational programs Mapping of socio-economic and political sources In-depth interviews with familes Life stories with NEETs Focus groups with teachers

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Identifying SOCIO-EMOTIONAL ROOTS behind early school leaving and underachievement in key competences and basic skills. Collect data at the European level and analyse the VARIABLES of EDUCATIONAL DISADVANTAGE or inequality.

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A European research project involving 9 European countries, 120 schools, 18000 students and 2400 teachers aimed at improving students’ achievements and well-being in their educational environments. Criticalities, weaknesses and needs will be analysed to understand and improve the caring dimension of educational inclusion and school success.

Newsletter 2023-2

This newsletter collects the main activities of the project in its first year: - Actions to define the theoretical model - Qualitative data collection with the main target groups - Definition of the base for the policy proposals - Building up the Community of Schools

Newsletter 2023-1

Secure attachment relationships play an important protective role against the intergenerational transmission of social exclusion at all school levels. The Let’s Care project aims to comprehensively research and assess the value of the caring dimension for educational inclusion and academic success. We will create a theoretical and practical framework to foster determinants affecting students’ secure relationships to promote school engagement, better academic results and educational opportunities.