A School of Cultural Immigration and Social Emigration


on 26 and 27 April 2024
Granguardia Palace – Verona

They organize two days of in-person conferences, free and open to all (recordings of all speeches will be published on this page within a month of the event – ​​streaming is not planned)


A school as a model of a society that respects children because it is aware of the future of civilization. The service of the school and its teachers creates a conscious society, as a set of values ​​for the common good. It is here that Don Milani’s Barbiana workshop school was born, with its openness to the world, to culture and to constructive commitment. It is precisely on these principles that we deal with service learning which brings with it the awareness of being ready to be true citizens, trained and constructive of a world of solidarity. The Montessori school that includes and respects, that nourishes and enhances. The school of the world of Janusz Korczak, of the last who become first through responsibilities and hard work. Celestine Freinet’s school which places the child at the centre because in him he sees the world and the love of learning. This is the school that our network, with your collaboration and the help of other school networks: zero sei of Venice and Verona, ED.UMA.NA of Milan, of autism wants to build in order to still believe in a future worthy of the name, where women, men, children of all languages, cultures, potentials, countries of the world are equal. We therefore want to be promoters of respect for the child’s life times and his dreams.

School as cultural immigration and social emigration

The school, like the environment, is a space for welcoming cultures capable of creating the aware citizens of tomorrow, free from prejudices and fears towards “the other”. The school as a process and space for growth and acceptance, cultural “immigration”, capable of giving society its social contribution for a desirable future of peace and respect for the environment. The meeting between cultures and diversities is a value for any civilization as it is nourished by comparison, sharing and knowledge between people even before their habits. A school, therefore, capable of welcoming everyone, in an eco-system of ever new sensitivities and identities to enhance them with awareness of the principles and values ​​of its present and future “citizens”. Loving school means loving your country and always believing in a better future for everyone.

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A School of Cultural Immigration and Social Emigration